6208 N. Van Guilder Rd.   Fremont, Indiana 46737   PH: 260-495-WINE(9463)  FX: 260-495-4633
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We request a current, government issued age-verifying photo identification for wine tasting and purchase. ( Indiana law)

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1992 Vineyard planted at Lake James.  
1998 Satek sells 8 tons of grapes on average annually.  
1999 Fremont Town Council gives approval for proposed Satek Winery.  
  Winery groundbreaking.  
2000 First grape crush.  
2001 Winery Grand Opening, 4 wines introduced (DeChaunac, Steuben, 101 Lakes Red & Seyval Blanc).  
2002 Introduced Merlot, Merechal Foch, Chardonnay, Syrah and Soren's Favorite.  
  Satek Winery wins 7 medals at their first International Wine Competition (2-gold, 3-Silver, 2 Bronze).  
  Vineyard at the Winery planted.  
2003 Satek Winery featured in Wall Street Journal.  
  Port (Satek's first dessert wine) introduced.  
  "Kreibaum Bay" name first used.  
2004 Corker machine purchased (hand corking was done before this time).  
2005 "Branded" corks first used. They're free from the supplier if you sell enough wine.  
2006 Winery expansion.  
  Tractor purchased.  
  First harvest of Wild Winds Vineyards.  
2007 "Plate and Frame" filter purchased.  
2008 6 other local grapes growers contracted.  
2009 8th Anniversary  
  Forklift purchased.  
  Annual production is at 10 times first year production.  
  Wine distribution initiated. Formation of "Vine2Wine".  
  Nearly 1/2 million bottles of Satek wine have been sold!  
  16,000 etched glasses have been given away at our anniversary celebrations!