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We request a current, government issued age-verifying photo identification for wine tasting and purchase. ( Indiana law)

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June 25, 2009


Satek Winery located near Fremont and Angola, Indiana announced that they will begin wholesale distribution of wines in Northeast Indiana in July. Satek Winery has set up an affiliated company, called Vine 2 Wine, LLC that will begin wholesale distribution of “Satek Winery” and “Kreibaum Bay by Satek Winery” wine to Allen, DeKalb and Steuben Counties retail stores and restaurants.

In 2006, changes to the alcohol laws eliminated the right of an Indiana Winery to do “self distribution”, unlike most states. As a result, Indiana wineries need to set up a separate company in order to wholesale a limited volume of their wines. Larry Satek, winemaker at Satek Winery said, “It is a time-consuming and expensive task to obtain our Micro-wholesalers License. Until now, it did not make sense for us to wholesale our wines under the 2006 law, but we have finally grown to a size that supports expanding our business model to include some wholesale distribution of wine. Most small, start up wineries simply cannot afford to set up the new structure, nor can they afford to use a regular wholesale outlet because of the large discounts that must be given. A small winery needs to achieve some degree of an ‘economies of scale’ for wholesaling to succeed.”

Owner Pam Satek said, “We are going to focus initially on our customer base in the corridor from Fremont toward Fort Wayne. We will not be able to immediately wholesale all of our wines for a variety of reasons, but we hope that making some of our wines available this way, it will make it easier for our customers to obtain our wines.”

Larry Satek added “We will grow our winery to meet the new market demands, but we will grow only as fast as we can control our quality. Having most of our wines win medals in International Wine competitions is an important part of our corporate culture”.

Pam Satek commented, “We expect to meet restaurant and specialty wine shops interests, and we are in negotiation with a major retailer in the Northeast Indiana area to stock some of our wines. Others will be added as we grow the wholesale part of the business.”

Vine 2 Wine, LLC will lease space in Satek Winery, and will utilize Satek Winery personnel. Vine 2 Wine, LLC can be contacted through Satek Winery. Satek Winery is open from 10 AM until 6 PM daily, and yes, you can taste and purchase wine on Sunday. Satek Winery is located at 6208 N. Van Guilder Rd in Fremont, IN, about 1.3 miles east of the Outlet Mall, ¼ mile off SR 120. Check out the new web site at www.satekwinery.com, or call 260-495-WINE.