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The Herald Republican, August 2012
Satek Winery honored at annual international wine competitin

Satek Winery of Fremont was awarded 23 medals, including two Concordance Gold Medals for its wines in the INDY International Wine Competition, held last week in West Lafayette.

Satek took Double Gold — better known as Concordance Gold— for its 101 Lakes Red and its 2011 Kreibaum Bay Vidal Blanc Ice Wine. Concordance Gold medals are awarded when the entire judging panel unanimously awards the wine a Gold Medal.

Satek Winery also won 21 other medals for its wines, including Chardonnay, 2011 (gold); Mango Mania (gold); Seyval Blanc, 2010 (silver); Corot Noir, 2010 (silver); DeChaunac, 2011 (silver); Larry’s Luscious Dry Red, 2010 (silver); Chambourcin, 2011 (silver); Traminette, 2011 (silver); Soren’s Favorite, 2010 (silver); Autumn Classic Reserve (silver); Steuben, 2011 (SILVER); Syrah, 2009 (silver); Merlot, 2010 (silver); Old Vine Red Zinfandel, 2010 (silver); Kreibaum Bay Decennial, 2010 (silver); Sangiovese, 2011 (silver); Kreibaum Bay Dry Traminette, 2011 (bronze); Pam’s Perfect Little Red Wine (bronze); Autumn Classic (bronze); Blackberry (bronze); and Kreibaum Bay Cabernet Sauvignon Vintner’s Reserve, 2009 (bronze).

“It’s exciting that our best-selling wine, 101 Lakes Red, won a Double Gold. We also were awarded medals across all categories of our portfolio, from dry to semi-dry to sweet to even ice wine and our tawny port. This exemplifies our long-standing philosophy of good wine, good fun for our customers,” said owner and Cellarmaster Larry Satek.

Head Winemaker, Shane Christ, affirmed, “These medals are a tribute to our hardworking staff and particularly our local grape growers.”

The INDY International Wine Competition was held Aug. 1-3 at Purdue University, and winning medals at this show is no small feat. The INDY is the largest independent and scientifically organized wine competition in the United States. Panels of experts from around the world conduct a blind judging to choose the winners. This year nearly 3,000 entries came from 15 countries and 43 U.S. states. 50 wine industry professionals were selected to judge, including winemakers, wine writers, sommeliers, enologists, wine grape growers, chefs, wine distributors and wine retailers.



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