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We request a current, government issued age-verifying photo identification for wine tasting and purchase. ( Indiana law)

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Dry White Wines      
Pinot Gris 2017 SO $13.49 Austere and amazing, a dry white mélange of melon and minerality.
Chardonnay 2015 SO $13.49 Dry white wine flaunting citrusy tangerine caressed lightly with oak.
*Vidal Blanc 2015 SO $10.99 The dry white wine with crips apple facets returns from a long absence.
*Seyval Blanc 2015 SO $10.99 An elegant dry white wine, imbued with lush lime
Kreibaum Bay Dry Riesling 2007 SO $13.99 Dry rendering of the classic.
*Kreibaum Bay Dry Rosè 2017   $18.49 A Spring bouquet, locally grown whole cluster rosé, with delicate citrus offshoots.
*Kreibaum Bay Dry Traminette 2016   $14.99 Piercing dry white, indiana's signature grape basking in lemon chiffon.
*Whisper 2016   $12.49 Our popular dry white blend returns, quietly; A medley of pineapple and lemon.
*Shy 2015 SO $10.49/Split Brand new dry rosé, a delicate and bright gathering of berries and demureness.
Dry Red Wines      
Merlot 2016                                   $13.99 A subtle, easy drinking dry red partnership of minerality and jammy strawberry.
*DeChaunac 2016 SO $19.99 Return of our totem, a dry red collision of cranberry and cacao.
*Chambourcin 2016   $16.99 Indiana grown varietal, vouchsafing fig and walnut values.
Syrah 2014 SO $15.99 Dry red with robust black cherry and peppercorn, laced with tannin.
Kreibaum Bay Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2015 SO $18.49 A tower of tannic plum, graphite and bramble, oaked for a year.
*Larry's Luscious Dry Red 2015   $18.49 Our award winning blend composed of local & Indiana grown grapes.
Old Vine Red Zinfandel 2013 SO $15.99 A jammy dry red, hearty and easy drinking.
*Corot Noir 2012 SO $13.99 A silky and self-possessed locally grown dry red.
*Ferdinand, 2012 SO $11.99 Brand new, a medium bodied, discipline dry earthy red with cherry & pomegranate array.
*Noiret 2015   $15.99 The "hard-boiled" Op returns, with 1-2 punch of black pepper and tannin; Oaked over a year.
Cabernet Sauvgnon 2011 SO $15.99 A loamy dry red, exhibiting a delightful velvety cherry; Oaked for 6 months.
Marquette 2016 $19.99 Am amazing locally grown dry red assemblage of wild strawberries & black tea.
Semi Dry Wines      
*Pam's Perfect Little Red Wine             $12.99 Semi-dry red blend, raspberry and strawberry overtones w/ a wisp of sweetness.
*Pearagon SO $14.49 Brand new locally sourced semi-dry pear wine, fermented in new French oak barrels.
*Marechal Foch 2016 SO $10.99 Semi-dry red, marshalling earthy and smoky cherry characteristics.
Sangiovese 2011 SO $13.49 A robusto and peppery semi-dry red.
Riesling 2011 SO $11.99 Semi-dry white wine wih classic fragrance.
*Traminette 2016   $13.99 Indiana’s signature grape, a fragrant and crisp semi-dry white wine.
*Soren's Favorite 2016   $11.49 Semi-dry white blend with hints of berries, spice, and a Golden Muscat edge.
*Kreibaum Bay Nouveau 2015 SO $11.19 The first wne of '15 year, our carbonic macerated delight, brimming with cranberry and bubblegum facets
*Whimsy   $13.99 Our cool locally grouwn breeze white blend, with a tinge of ginger and spice white graphe traits.
Semi Sweet Wines      
*Kreibaum Bay Crimson   $11.99 A new semi-sweet red blend, for any seeking complex splender.
*Steuben 2016   $10.99 Think pink, a delightful semi-sweet rosé embracing strawberry & rose water features.
*101 Lakes White 2016   $9.29 Semi-sweet white blend, with hints of apple and honeysuckle.
*101 Lakes Red   $8.99 Semi-sweet red, chocked full of intense concord character.
*101 Lakes Red in a Pouch, limited supply, refilling quite often. SO $17.99/Pouch
(equivalent to
2 bottles)
Semi-sweet red, chocked full of intense concord character.  See picture---------->
*Autumn Classic    $10.99 Turn on the "AC", our 6the version of the lauded locally-sourced apple wine.
*Krieibaum Bay Moscato 2015 SO $7.99/Split A nimble semi-sweet white, spritely revealing orange peel and coconut features.
*Manzana SO $12.99/500ML Imagine a locally sourced apple wine that spends 8 month in a rum barrel.  Now try it!.
*101 Lakes Rosé   $10.99 Semi-sweet exotic rosé bursting with lingonberry and pluot.
Sweet Fruit Wines (Also nice for dessert)    
Raspberry   $18.49 Sweet raspberry fruit wine, tart and beguiling.
Blueberry   $13.99 An Indiana-grown fabulous fall fan favorite, delicious out of the bottle or as a mulled wine.
Mango Mania   $15.99 Sunshine in you glass! A luscious and exotic fruit wine.
Blackberry    $13.49 Sweet blackberry fruit wine, tangy and inviting.
Sweet Dessert Wines      
*Kreibaum Bay Port 2016   $18.49/Split A fortified ruby marriage of blended wine and grape brandy; delectable candied fruits and potency.
Kreibaum Bay Amaro SO $18.49/Split The “port-style” blackberry returns, formidable and fabulous.
*Kreibaum Bay Steuben Dessert Wine 2013 SO $18.49/Split A "port-style" expression of Steuben
*Kreibaum Bay Krystal Steuben Wine 2008 SO $39.99/Split Refreshingly intense Dessert Wine (Similar to an Ice Wine).
*Kreibaum Bay Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 2014   $49.99/Split Slowly building crescendo of lemon and candied apple, with a hypnotic aroma of honey
*A-Bomb   $19.99/Splt Local apple wine fortified with apple brandy, an innovative and ominous dessert wine.
*Kreibaum Bay Framboesa   $24.99/Split Many years in the making, a formidable fortrified raspberry dessert wine.
*Perfect Ending 2016 SO $14.99/Split Our Best in Class estate grown Muscat dessert wine returns after a decade hiatus
Kriebaum Bay Sesquidecennial Red Dessert Wine   $49.99/Split Tawny style port.
Note:  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine and the Sesquideccennial is available for tasting for $4.00 (Refunded with bottle purchase)
SO = Sold Out
NW = New Wine

* Wines made entirely from locally grown fruit.

Wine prices subject to change.
(this is to cover me in case I make a typo).

5% on half-case (6-11 bottles)
10% on cases (12+ bottles)

Cases and half-cases may be mixed


How to pick the 'right' wine
by Larry and Pam Satek

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon
Old Vine Red Zinfandel
Kreibaum Bay Sangiovese

Old Vine Red Zinfandel
Kreibaum Bay Sangiovese
Pinot Noir

Pinot Gris
Kreibaum Bay Dry Reisling
Kreibaum Bay Dry Ros
Vidal Blanc
Seyval Blanc

Pam's Perfect Little Red Wine
Marechal Foch
Sorens Favorite